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Hi, everybody!
Guten Tag
Welcome inside the
Goat Baker!
We are the team.
Everything what we do, we do with love ❤︎
Innovative websites
Develop application
for unique projects
for startup
Elijia Deineko CEO
Elijia Deineko CEO
We are a young team, but we have experienced professionals. Each participant is a professional with experience, heart and ideas. This year we decided that together we can do more, that together we are strong
Tonya Brikman Art director
Tonya Brikman Art director
This idea we take into account in every project and offer you.
Tonya Brikman Designer
Tonya Brikman Designer
Elijia Deineko CTO
Elijia Deineko CTO
You become a full participant of the process - a partner
We know that you are a person who knows your own business better than anyone else. The more attention and time you devote to this project, the more satisfaction and results you will get in the end. We want to be sure that our product helped you… after a one, two , and even a five years
Elijia Deineko Marketing
Elijia Deineko Marketing
We include you in general meet-ups, rallies, brainstorms, we discuss prototypes, you can comment on the design during the development process itself, adjust the developer during the test phase, and you test the product with us and suggest ideas..
Tonya Brikman Consulting
Tonya Brikman Consulting
We are an alternative to the rigid approach
We can and do like to take risks in our work - try new things, set unusual goals, use the latest it developments, find the best security systems.
e have eliminated complex constructions and gone completely into digitalization. This has accelerated the work-flow and reduced the cost of each project. You only pay for the good work of the specialists, not for the leased cars, the chairs in the meeting rooms and the coffee machines.
Now we support 4 startups and have completed 20+ projects. We are ready for a large workload and new a challenges.
Elijia Deineko Project manager
Elijia Deineko Project manager
Join us, because together we are strong!

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