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One of the artworks from our house. The brand, the logo, the idea and the website itself were completely created in our bakery. The bright colours should express the Instagram cult even more. Clean, colorful, fresh and innovative. We wanted to appeal to people whose insta stories are as colourful as their lifestyle.
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Our contribution

The idea of SММcult was also born in our bakery - we have brought several Insta - Acoounts to a real cult with 50 000 followers. That was a lot of fun for us! In our opinion Instagram is the most important information channel of today. Do you also want to promote your account professionally? Then contact us here.

Hey Du,

ist es ok, wenn wir Coockies verwenden? Wir sind dazu verpflichtet dich zu informieren. Aber keine Sorge, es ist nur reine Formalität. Bestätige es bitte hier Mehr kannst du darüber hier lesen