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The main motivation of the Goatbaker team has always been to advance global processes, improve society in its diversity and make the world a better place in general. This is why StartUp "", which was developed by Prof. Dr. Thomas Meyer and Prof. Dr. Christoph Münch at the Charité in Berlin, is so important for us! The two neurologists have revolutionized the coordination of outpatient care for critically ill patients. With the patients, physicians, therapists, medical products and services are digitally coordinated, which significantly facilitates the lives of sick people, physicians and everyone involved and saves them time.
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At we worked together with other developers mainly on frontend and bugfixing of the portal. Since the portal was developed in 2010, many problems could only be solved by "try and catch". The code interventions should be done with medical precession. We have successfully supported one of Charitte's important medical care portals, but we don't want to be satisfied with what we have achieved.

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