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An online marketplace with more than 50,000 products. Gemeinsam-Bio is not just a portal, but a purchasing community where you can buy privately at the wholesale price! and all that without exceptions - all only organic! Even the delivery of the products takes place in innovative reusable boxes - a special development by our partners and friends from Gemeinsam-Bio! We are proud to support the development of this largest online portal!
Our contribution
The online marketplace, like all our products, is associated with innovations. In the shop you can get detailed information about the origin of each product and its suppliers. The portal connects manufacturers of organic products and directly with the end customer. We are working together with the Bio Team on the redesign and programming of the front end.

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ist es ok, wenn wir Coockies verwenden? Wir sind dazu verpflichtet dich zu informieren. Aber keine Sorge, es ist nur reine Formalität. Bestätige es bitte hier Mehr kannst du darüber hier lesen